A Chronological Outline of the Poet's Life

This timeline was originally published in Sophocles: Tragedies and Fragments. E.H. Plumptre. Boston: D.C. Heath & Co. Publishers, 1906. pp. 13-15.

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525 Birth of Aeschylus.
510 Expulsion of the Peisistratidae. Democratic constitution of Cleisthenes.
500 Birth of Anaxagoras.
499 Aeschylus exhibits his first tragedy.
497 Death of Pythagoras (?)
495 Birth of Sophocles.
490 Battle of Marathon.
485 Xerxes succeeds Dareios.
484 Birth of Herodotos. Aeschylus gains the prize in tragedy.
480 Athens taken by Xerxes. Battle of Salamis. Sophocles leads the chorus of victory. Birth of Euripides.
479 Athens taken by Mardonios.
477 Commencement of Athenian Supremacy.
476 Bones of Theseus discovered in Skyros.
472 The Persæ of Aeschylus.
471 Birth of Thucydides.
468 Sophocles gains his first victory in tragedy. The Triptolemos. Birth of Socrates.
467 Death of Simonides.
466 Battle of Eurymedon.
461 Ostracism of Kimon. Ascendancy of Pericles. The Oresteian Trilogy of Aeschylus.
456 Death of Aeschylus. Herodotos recites his history at the Olympian Games (?)
455 Euripides appears as a writer of tragedies.
450 Anaxagoras retires from Athens after a residence of thirty years.
448 Sacred war between Delphians and Phocians.
441 Euripides gains the first prize.
440 Sophocles exhibits the Antigone, and is made one of the ten Athenian generals in the war with Samos. Meets Herodotos at Samos.
439 Sophocles returns to Athens.
432 Prosecution of Anaxagoras, Aspasia, and Pheidias.
431 Commencement of the Peloponnesian War.
430 Plague at Athens. Oedipus the King (?) Oedipus at Colonus (?)
429 Birth of Plato.
428 Death of Anaxagoras.
427 Ascendency of Cleon. Aristophanes gains his first prize for comedy.
424 The Knights of Aristophanes.
423 The Clouds of Aristophanes.
421 Peace of Nikias.
419 The Peace of Aristophanes.
416 Tragic prize gained by Agathon.
415 Tragic prize gained by Archippos. Sicilian Expedition. Mutilation of the Hermae busts. Banishment of Alkibiades.
413 Destruction of Athenian army and fleet in Sicily. Sophocles appointed as member of constituent committee.
411 Revolution at Athens. Council of the Four Hundred. Sophocles assents. Recall of Alkibiades.
409 The Philoctetes of Sophocles.
406 Battle of Arginusae. Death of Euripides. Death of Sophocles.
401 The Oedipus at Colonus reproduced (?) by the younger Sophocles.


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