1 Four Comedies - Plautus was the creator of racy, raucous, hilarious plays that will make modern audiences laugh as much as the first Romans did. The comedies printed here show him at his best, and Professor Segal's translations keep their fast, rollicking pace intact, making these among the most readable and actable versions available. His introduction considers Plautus's place in ancient comedy, examines his continuing influence, and celebrates his power to entertain. This volume includes The Braggart Soldier, The Brothers Menaechmus, The Haunted House, and The Pot of Gold.

2 Plautus: The Comedies - This volume presents six plays by the third-century B.C. Roman playwright who was beloved by the common people because he spoke to them in their own language. In the Plautine spirit, these new translations are addressed more to theatrical than academic readers, lacking such information as the social contexts of the plays, their transmission, and their impact on subsequent literature. The plays are The Rope, The Pot of Gold, Two Sisters Named Bacchis, The Entrepreneur, and The Savage Slave.

3 The Menaechmus Twins & Two Other Plays - This volume offers translations which exemplify at least two of Plautus' favorite farcical devices: mistaken identity (The Menaechmus Twins) and the scheming servant (Pseudolus). The Rope is an example of his more romantic style.

4 Plautus: The Darker Comedies - This volume includes Bacchides, Casina and Truculentus.

5 Plautus - This volume includes Casina, the Casket Comedy, Curculio, Epidicus, and The Two Menaechmuses.

6 Five Comedies - Includes Miles Gloriosus, Menaechmi, Bacchides, Hecyra and Adelphoe.

7 Miles Gloriosus - Plautus' tale of the braggart soldier.

8 Amphitryon, and Two Other Plays - Includes Plautus' Amphitryo which would later be adapted by Molière and Dryden.

9 The Aulularia of Plautus - English translation of Plautus' The Pot of Gold.

10 Plautus Little Carthaginian



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