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  • Broadway News - The latest news from Broadway.
  • Early Nineteenth Century Audiences - General impressions of early nineteenth century theatre audiences in America, primarily in the words of touring Irish actor Tyrone Power.
  • The First American Theatre - Bitter Puritanical opposition to plays and play-acting. Severe laws passed prohibiting stage entertainment of any kind. Earliest records of theatrical performances in America. Tony Aston, the first actor to appear in New York. Performance in Boston causes a riot. First theatre in America built in Williamsburg, VA.
  • The First Play Acted in New York - Farquhar's Recruiting Officer seen at the New Theatre. Early American playhouses. Candles for footlights. The Drama in Charleston. Earliest known theatrical performance in Philadelphia. John Moody, the barber actor. The Murray-Kean Troupe in New York. Thomas Kean in Shakespearean repertoire.
  • P.T. Barnum - A biography of the American showman.
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